Its time to upgrade to Drupal10

Drupal has been found to have a lower approval rating among new users compared to expert users. 
This led to an initiative being launched by Drupal's founder, Dries Buytaert, to address the needs of beginner users. 

Drupal is at the top of the charts for performance

On the surface, this doesn't make sense. Any average D10 site is probably one of the most complex #symfony apps in the world. When Drupal 8 was being built, I remember how the community found and patched a ton of edge case bugs in PHP and Symfony because it is SO BIG and so complex.

DrupalVIP Portfolio

Tal Lifshin

My name is Tal Lifshin and it is important to me that more people know what it is like to work with Yuval.

My first and most important thing is the feeling that my website is important to the developer due to an unpleasant feeling with a previous developer.

Co-founder and Owner of MeLeMe network

Ido Ikar

I worked with Yuval for a long time and he implemented complex development for me and built a customized system build with PHP according to my plan and design.

The targeted application also included complex backend developments and the implementation of various APIs against eBay and Amazon.

He also succeeds to manage the frontend development as well.

Software Developer

Feri Ehrenfeld

Yuval worked with me for about a year.

He established the automation part of the SW QA.

His work contributed to the SW QA and increased the level of the company products.


Materials Control & Logistics Manager at Notal Vision

Sergey Dimov

I've managed Yuval for two years. Yuval has a vast experience in automation development and QA domains.
His knowledge is seen by all and he was very appreciated.
His serviceability is very high and he is always open to improvements.

Director, Head of Project Management (Technical)